Student Affair

The departments of Student Affairs meet the academic and the co-curricular needs of UTAS-Ibri students. We provide services and programs that enrich the students’ life, extend and enhance the academic experience, and support personal growth and development.

We support students through advising, leadership development and experiential education. We are dedicated to create a campus environment that supports your intellectual, personal and professional development. Whether you reside in Ibri or in other location, your engagement in the life of the UTAS-Ibri community will determine your success at UTAS-Ibri and the quality of your college experience.

More than 25 Student Affairs professionals work daily with academic staff and students to meet the needs of our diverse student. They provide the support for students to reach their highest potential. Departments within Student Affairs do their best not only to meet specific student needs, but to provide general student direction and guidance, including referral to resources available both within and outside the college.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

The Department of Counseling offers diverse services and support to the students to promote personal, social, educational and career development of all students. The services include both academic and non-academic. The environment maintained by the department is confidential and dependable. The department of Guidance and Counselling is the nerve center of UTAS-Ibri. The department is committed to promote holistic development of student community. This includes dimensions like psychological, educational, social, and cultural and progress related to career development. I am extremely happy for the confidence shown by the parents and students in us and I am sure that we will continue to present our services to the student community.

Nawal Al Sawafi