The vision of the IT department is to be the Department of Choice for students among other departments in the Colleges of Technology by providing high quality teaching, learning and research that makes a significant contribution to ongoing national economic development.

Goals and Objective

The student and the community in large need to be familiar with the concept and the role of IT in their life. Therefore, the IT club is dedicated to bring Ibri College of Technology students more in tune with technology and technological developments in business and other areas. Through a membership in this club, students will have the opportunity to hear speakers from the industry, go to company headquarters in Ibri and nearest areas, learn about technology through special tutorials, and even more.

Purpose of the Club

  • Developing a better understanding of the nature and functions of Information Technology.
  • Provide the opportunities for students from other departments to be involved in the IT society.
  • Exchanging ideas and news relating to Information Technologies.
  • Become a source of technology related information for all students enrolled in the college.
  • Discover, encourage and develop students’ talents, capabilities and tendencies in technical areas.
  • Support and assist students to take advantage of their members to provide technical and scientific skills, process and support the spirit of social work and teamwork.
  • Encourage and support innovation in the application of information technology.
  • Establish Information Technology Club website to become a source of technology related information for all students enrolled at the college.
  • Establish a club forum as a discussion and contact methodology among members and others.


  • The IT Club shall encourage the interest and development of students in computer information science.
  • These activities may take the form of: Meeting and seminars related to topics in IT fields. Job specific techniques for the computer industry.
  • Collaboration with other user groups/societies.
  • Special computer related projects.
  • Update the students’ knowledge with any new and interested computer devices or software.
  • Support talent students by presenting their projects in an open day.
  • Selling computer device from any company with special offer for the students.
  • Establish Information Technology Club website. Competition activity. Seminar conduct by any lecturer.
  • The Club invites a speaker periodically for the purpose of sharing his or her knowledge and insight about Information Technology and the field of Computer Science.
  • Establish a club magazine to be published each semester or twice in each semester

Recent Activities of the Club

  • Induction Programme (new Intakes)
  • Specialization Orientation Programme
  • World Skills Exam
  • Web Design/Programming Contest
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Day
  • Speech Contest: Environment Society of Oman and Emirates
  • Logo Design Contest (for the department magazine)
  • Math Contest