Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department programme supports the college mission by providing preparation in Information Technology to enable its students to succeed in using computer technology to solve problems faced by individuals and organisations and to keep up with emerging technology and its uses.

Our IT programme courses enable students to solve problems using their knowledge of computer technology along with their reasoning skills, their ability to gather information, and their ability to effectively communicate their proposed solutions with a variety of audiences.


Head of Department

 It hard to imagine a life that is unaffected by computers.  In every corner you look, there is a new technology that transmutes our lives.  We live in a bewildering information age of exploding data and information (as well as misinformation).  We have becomes so dependent on smartphones in a way that we rely on them to steer aspect of our existence. Every new day more devices end up being connected to a "planetary mesh of sense and response"[1] that we called the Internet of Things.  All this connectedness allowed us to extend our perceptions through virtual realities. Even the old concept of money in this new age may soon come to an end. Thanks to technologies such Blockchain,  digital currencies are revolutionising the way we exchange value. There are also technologies, such as self-driving-cars, flying autonomous drones and digital fabrication that will enable us to become more productive. This move toward automation may disrupt our perceived notions and understandings of the economy. On the top of all of that, these technologies leave us at risk. Every time we connect additional devices we risk sharing our own personal and intimate information with others.  

To make sense of how all these technologies, we need Information Technology experts. Experts who help us navigate the different mazes of this information age. Experts who put us, the humans,  user of innovations in charge of such technologies.  Here at the Information Technology department, we seek to produce highly motivated and quality IT graduates who will become leaders and experts in technology. 

Our mission is "to achieve and sustain excellence not only in teaching methodologies but also to produce students who are readily employable, to help the students in improving their hard and soft skills, build the right attitude of the students, thereby contributing effectively to the growth of the Sultanate"[2].

We offer a terrific wide range of courses for our undergraduate students at diploma, advanced diploma and bachelor levels.  Our academics are innovative, experienced and enthusiastic about their subjects and they will endeavor to provide support and help to students.

We have some state-of-the-art facilities that will help our students to get a real hands-on study. Furthermore, through our industry links, our students get a chance to put their skill into a real-world practice before leaving the college.

We focus on the employability of our students. As a testament to our success, many of our graduates are currently employed by leading organisations in Oman (e.g., BankMuscat, Royal Oman Police and Omantel).  Some of our students have come back and joined IbriCT team at various positions, technical and academic.

As the head of the Information Technology Department its a privilege to be leading a department with motivate and passionate staff and bright and enthusiastic student. We hope that enjoy your time in IbriCT and we are looking forward to supporting your future success.


[1] Greenfield, A. (2017). Radical technologies: The design of everyday life. Verso.

[2] IbriCT Mission,

Head of Information Technology Department

 Dr Duhai Al Shukaili