Educational Technology Center

The Educational Technologies Center (ETC) is the support hub for the academic technology, providing the college with a wide range of resources and services. The center empowers the college by adding value to the teaching and learning experience through the use of state-of-the-art technologies, enhances and support the instructional design process, and introduces new techniques and technologies appropriate to the growing needs of the college. The center also conducts courses and training/ workshops in the use of various educational technologies.

The center is responsible for installing, and maintaining all the College's information technology infrastructures, including the college servers and LAN, computer laboratory, classroom educational media, distance learning technologies, IP phones, copiers and printers. The center also includes developments in the application of web, software, video, audio, multimedia, graphics, photography and communication technology. The center provides flexible study areas such as free access lab, Library and Audio/Video viewing room to support the academic needs of the students and college staff.


Head of Center

The Educational Technology Centre (ETC) consists of three sections: Computer Services Section, Educational Services Section and Library Section. These sections play a key role in facilitating and supporting the teaching and learning process at Ibri College of Technology. The Educational Technology Centre forms the backbone of the college by providing, monitoring and managing the IT infrastructure, as well as other educational resources. The Educational Technology Centre is challenged not only in getting the latest technology but also finding skilled staff who can cope with demand. The ETC is committed to professional development by conducting training courses, workshops and seminars to assist staff in professional growth.

Abdullah Al Shukeily