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Elc PostFoundationCourses in the Post-Foundation level enhance students' English competence that they developed in the Foundation Program. Students are taught technical communication skills to enable them to communicate effectively and clearly using technical genres based on real life situations. Students are taught the strategies of technical writing, and the essential reading strategies that accompany them. They are also taught research skills for writing assignments and projects by acquainting them with critical thinking skills, the methods of literature review, data collection and analysis, and results reporting. Students are also taught the skills of presentation delivery using modern techniques and multimedia.

In general, the Post-Foundation English courses ensure that the learner:

  • develops English language skills that help the learner communicate at a level that meets the learner’s specialized needs.
  • develops an increased awareness of the way the English language functions in a technical environment.
  • gains increased confidence in using English to communicate.
  • develops an understanding of what is required in formal study.
  • develops an understanding of the skills and language that are needed to successfully complete diploma level courses at the Colleges of Technology.
  • becomes aware of technical genre and be confident in using it.

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