IbriCT Wins Three Prizes at ACT

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IbriCT, represented by the Dean, Dr Hamdan Al Manthari, head of the IEU, Mr Mohammed Al Sakiti, head of the HSAG, Ms Sumaya Al Jassasi, HSAG staff, Mr Ali Al Ghafri, three members from the Student Advisory Council, and three students from each academic department, participated in the 9th Students’ Forum of the Technical Colleges held at Al Musanna College of Technology from 1 to 4 March 2020. The key theme of the forum was “Where Technology is Invented”. The main purpose of the forum was to give students from the seven technical colleges the platform to exchange knowledge, thoughts, ideas and experiences to learn from each other.

IbriCT participated in three competitions as follows:

1-Markathon Competition: Students need to market an innovative product or service through new and advanced digital marketing tools.

2-Datathon Competition: Students need to utilize open data to develop an innovative solution for a major problem faced by the local community.

3-Robotics Challenge Competition: It is an event where a robot competes with other robots to be the best after completing specific tasks.

IbriCT students won three prizes as follows:

1-IT students won the first prize in the Datathon Competition and 1000 OMR prize money from Oman Arab Bank. The following students represented the IT Department:

                                I.            Salim Ali Salim Al Badi

                             II.            Akram Salim Hamed Al Shukaili

                          III.            Haitham Ali Bati Al Yaqoobi

2-Business Studies students won the third prize in the Markathon Competition and 350 OMR from Omantel. The following students represented the Business Studies Department:

                                I.            Noor Bader Salim Al Gharibi

                             II.            Safiya Humaid Said Al Ghafri

                          III.            Haneen Hamed Salim Al Kalbani

3-Engineering students won the third prize in the Robotics Competition and 350 OMR prize money from the National Bank of Oman. The following students represented the Engineering Department:

                                I.            Usama Abdullah Zayed Al Shuaili

                             II.            Al Basil Sarhan Nasser Al Yaqzeedi

                          III.            Salah Al Deen Mohammed Ali Al Shuaili


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