ELC Traditional Food Festival

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The ELC knows how to finish a semester in a style. That was obvious during the food festival organized by the Social Activities Committee. The event was held on December 14, 2017 in the V.I.P room at 12:00pm. The aim of this event was to foster good relationship among the staff.

Culinary delights from Filipino chicken adobo to Pakistani Kurma to Omani shua and Qabooli Awal to Egyptian koshari to Indian Idli and chutney to Carrot cake from South Africa were there to be savored by all. A Food-themed quiz, a chopstick competition and a mystery taste test added to the day’s entertainment.

Dr.Sultan Al Ghafri, the HOC, inaugurated the festival. The program then started with the mystery taste test was conducted by Ms. Sharon Ruth. The staff members had to taste and guess the the different kinds of food items, blindfolded. Mr.Tatha Rao was the winner of this game. After that, the chopstick competition was held, where teachers were requested to use pencils as chopsticks, pick up as many raisins as possible, and drop them into their bowl. The winner of this event was Ms.Badour Al Hinai. Ms.Sally Balmas, Mr Abdullah Al Balushi and Mr. Kaleem Ishaq visited all food corners and judged the tastiest traditional food soon after. The Omani team were the winners followed by the Paskistani team. The Food-themed quiz conducted by Ms. Archana Gupta at the end of the programme and Ms. Fazilat Jahan was the winner.

Dr. Sultan Al Ghafri distributed the prizes to the winners.

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