Vocabulary Gala Competition Sem I (2018-19)

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      Under the aegis of Dr Sultan Al-Ghafri, HOC ELC, Dr. Mariam and Ms Badour, HoS ELC, a Vocabulary Competition (Sem I-2018-19) was held in Room A215B on 11th December 2018. 

      The competition started at 11:30 am. Five teams from different levels of the Foundation participated in it. Each team consisted of three members. There were three rounds in it.  In the first round, the participants were asked questions about spellings of words. In the second they were asked questions about meanings of words and in the last round they were asked to make sentences with words. Each round had two sections. In the first section, the participants were asked questions individually. The second section was a team event where team work was required.   


      Mr. Sultan Al-Swafi, Ms. Fazilat Jahan and Mariette Louise Oberholzer were the judges. Ms. Archana V. Gupta anchored the competition. The winner teams were:

      First place

      Team A

      i. Dhikra Rashid Mohamed Al-Muqarshi

      ii. Salama Musabah Abdallah  Al-Kalbani

     iii. Yasmine Ali Khalaf Nasser Al-Majarfi


      Second place

      Team D

      Team members were: 

      i. Mazoun said Saleh Khalfan Al-Alawi

      ii. Tif Mohammed Abdallah Al-Alawi

     iii. Samah Mubarak Said Musabah Al- Ghafri


      Third place

      Team C

      Team members were:

      i. Amna  Rashid  Abdullah AL Mamari- 

      ii. Shuhd Ali Aamir Al Hatmi 

     iii. Marwah   Mohammed Ali AL  MAZROUAI


      Ms. Hind Salim Al Mahrouqi, Ms. Maha Al Darei, Ms. Zahra Arab, Ms. Warqa Sabri, Ms. Priya Jayaprakash and Ms. Michelle Mendoza worked as advisors to different teams.  


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