Festival of AMLA in footsteps of ambition

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On 16 November, the Engineering group participated in a festival of Amla in the footsteps of ambition in Amla and Abla schools. In this festival there are many participants from different people from that school and outside the school. They display many projects like: chemical, mathematical, English, hand craft, and Arabic skills like; good hand writing. Also, they have many contributions from outside such as pets, decorative plants, Arduino workshops, traditional food, and a group which focuses on improving students’ education skills. Ibri College of Technology was part of this festival.

Our contribution gave them background about the Engineering Department in Ibri College of Technology. We showed them the basic equipment that we use in our fields of specialization. We explained the functions and how we use them to complete projects. We demonstrated circuits such as alarm circuits; 7-segment display circuits and how they work; circuits to indicate if materials are conductors or insulators; and we designed a circuit game which could show if the circuit is closed or open.

Moreover, we discussed renewable energy such as wind and solar energy, and we showed them how it works. We also displayed many projects which were done by engineering students at the college. Examples of these are a sun tracer report; a solar water pump; and a JCB report, and we explained how these items work.

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