Training Programme on Governors Apparatus and Brake Drum Friction Apparatus

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 The Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department organised a training programme on Governors Apparatus and Brake Drum Friction Apparatus on 27 May 2019 from 10 am to 1 pm.

The training session was conducted by Mr Dinesh, engineer/technician from P.A Hilton Ltd.

The governor apparatus includes the porter governor, proell governor and Hartnell governor setups. With this setup, one can study/observe the lift-off speed of the three different types of governor, the effect of varying sleeve weight or spring force on the operation of a governor and the stability of a governor. The lift verses speed can be plotted for all the governors and the same can be verified analytically. 

The Brake Drum Friction Apparatus has a brake drum with an internal expanding shoe. Depending on the direction of rotation of the drum, this shoe acts as leading shoe or trailing shoe. The objective of the experiment is to compare the braking effect of a leading and trailing shoe. In addition, a coefficient of friction for the brake lining on a bare aluminium drum can be evaluated. 

Faculty members as well as the technicians of Mechanical Engineering benefitted from the training session.


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