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A one-day workshop on Lap and Wave Winding Practice was organised by the Engineering Society and the Electrical and Electronics Section of the Engineering Department for Electrical Engineering students, offered to all levels, to enhance their skills in this field.  The Workshop was held on 8 October 2019, 12 to 2 pm, in the Electrical Machines Lab (B009), Engineering Department Building.

Dr Kumaravel Govindharasu, Electrical Power Engineering lecturer, delivered the lecture and conducted the training to nine Electrical Engineering students who registered.  He was assisted by Electrical Section Technician, Mr Shankar Balasubramani.

The workshop speaker specifically addressed some of the practical difficulties and issues associated with these windings when being installed in machines. In addition, he presented the maintenance and repair procedures of machines that have problems associated with the windings.  A winding practice setup was personally designed by Dr Kumaravel, which he demonstrated to the students for them to replicate.       

At the end of the workshop session, the students gained ideas and earned some useful information regarding Lap and Wave Winding Practices as well as learning some technical terms such as full pitch, short pitch, commutation, etc.

All students who attended and took part in the workshop received a certificate of participation.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2019 00:00 Written by  MRS LIZETTE IVY C. PASCUAL and DR KUMARAVEL GOVINDHARASU In Engineering
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