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Ibri College of Technology, Educational Technology Center in coordination with DELL EMC organized a session entitled “Accelerating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning Adoption” last Tuesday 19th February 2020 at 12:00 noon in the Multipurpose Hall (Engineering Building). The Talk was given by Dr. Raed Hijer, a Senior Principal Engineer, Client Solution Technologist, Dell. 

The session started with the opening remarks and introduction of the Guest speaker made by Mr. Abdullah Al Shukeily, ETC HoC.  Before the talk, Mr. Georges El-Khoury, Sales Manager at Dell EMC gave a short briefer about Dell EMC.

The presentation discussed more in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He has given an example of how these 3 systems would perform hand in hand. He has also given the hardware requirement that is needed in order to have these systems to work effectively. He highlighted the importance of the CPU processor and graphics processor. Before the session ended, Ms. Selma Kochan, Client Solutions Lead, Gulf at Dell EMC showcased the purpose of the said topic with the use of virtual simulation. The staff was given the opportunity to test Virtual environment where the human body was presented and focus on human parts where they can do simulation and see what's inside. 

The session gathered around 157 participants from and outside the college. Specifically, there was 55 guest who was from Ministry of Manpower(MoM), Ministry of Education(MoE), Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Agriculture, Oman Chamber of Commerce, Bank Dhofar, Ibri Vocational College and Oman College of Health Science. The rest are college staff and students.

Watch on Youtube

Watch on Youtube
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ETC staff development committee in coordination with the Educational Services Section (ESS) conducted its first social activity, with a theme: “Building and Connecting”. The activity was held last Dec. 26, 2018 at the Multipurpose Hall. 

The objective of the activity was to build a strong working relationship among  ETC staff and connecting or sharing ideas.

The first activity was building a castle or fort, with only paper, tape, and staple as the material to use, 2 teams were made with 12 males and 12 females participated. The teams showcased their creativity in developing a tallest, free-standing, self-supporting PAPER CASTLE.

Then 2 individual activity was given and participated by all. They made a paper plane and solve math picture problem.

The last activity was connecting bridges. 2 Teams of 12 are given a paper, tape, and staple and create free-standing, self-supporting PAPER BRIDGE.

After all the activities were made, follow up questions regarding how teams perform, how leader delegate task and how ADRI cycle was made during the activities. Then a summary of the purpose of the activity was given.

Then awarding was made to those who participated in the activity and gift were given to 5 staff if the ETC that will be going for continued study.

The activity ends with a lunch gathering. 

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A team of nine persons headed by the ECT Head of Centre, Mr Abduallah Shukaili, together with three section heads and staff members, joined the first ETC Workshop 2018 with the theme “Roadmap to Smart Campus” on 27 February 2018.

The workshop started with an opening ceremony held at their auditorium. A welcome speech was given and a video presentation regarding Smart Campus was shown. After that the first keynote speaker, Dr. Ahmad Al Hosni from SQU, shared his insights about “Roadmap to Smart Campus”. The second keynote speaker was Dr. Oualid Ali from GUTech. He shared valuable information about “Innovation for total Future and innovative Learning Experience”.

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The ETC Staff Development Committee organized a hands-on training program entitled Professional Logo Design for all ETC staff on Tuesday, 6 February 2018, from 12.00pm to 01.00 pm in Lab 1. Mr. Shameer K.P.O (E-learning Technician) conducted the training.

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The ETC Staff Development team conducted a social activity at the Multi-purpose Hall on 25 January 2018.

The objective of the session was to develop team building and socialisation in a form of activities.

First, the ETC HoC gave his welcoming message. He encouraged the centre staff to cooperate in all centre activities and thanked the organizers as well.

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On 18 January 2018 the Educational Technology Centre/ Educational Services Section conducted a workshop, Principles of Design, at in the Laboratory 1 Main Building.

Mr. Ryan Reales, web designer of the ETC/ESS, was the speaker for the ETC staff development.

The workshop aimed to promote awareness of graphic design, digital workflow, elements of design and principles. It gave a basic concept of what graphic design principles are all about.

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The Server Support Team of the ETC-CSS, Mr Eugene Cuizon and Ms.Asila Al-Alawi, in coordination with the ETC Staff Development Team, conducted a session on how to manage MS Outlook and Office 365 in Lab 3 on 11 January 2018.

The objectives of the session were for staff to learn how to create online survey forms and quizzes, how to use online MS Office applications, how to use One Drive as cloud storage and become familiar with other Office 365 applications.

The session started with an overview of Office 365, followed by hands-on activities with Microsoft Outlook, Forms and OneDrive.

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Mr. Romeil Moleta, the Acting HoS of ETC-ESS, conducted a session on “Time Management” at the Hardware Lab on 07 December, 2017.

The objective of the session was to identify personal attitudes toward time management; discuss key steps in planning/prioritizing; and recognize internal/external time wasters.

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Mr. Romeil Moleta, acting HoS of the Educational Services Section, shared a talk on “Traits of a good employee” in the Ibri College of Technology VIP room on 26 October 2017.

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The Staff Development Committee (SDC) of the Educational Technology Centre organized a workshop on "What Do I Know" at the Ibri College of Technology VIP Room on 16 October 2017. Mr. Abdullah Al Shukeily, the ETC Head of Centre, facilitated the workshop with the help of the Staff Development Committee.

The workshop aimed to motivate ETC staff to share their knowledge and expertise in their field of specialization through staff development training/workshops. During the workshop, Mr. Abdullah supplied sheets with the questions to all participants and then shared their answers to all. He then gave his talk about knowledge and how it will help others.

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