“Classroom Challenges” Session

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The Staff Development Committee, ELC organized” Classroom Challenges” session on February 6, 2018. The head of the committee, Mr Faisal said that for most of ELC staff, teaching English is an enjoyable experience, and helping our students is rewarding. However, ELT classrooms also present some common challenges that can test our patience and ability to be more effective, dynamic, innovative, creative, energetic and committed.

Ms Amal Ashour confirmed that English teachers around the world face many of the same challenges. Our classes can be large with multiple English proficiency levels which makes planning lessons and meeting all our students’ needs a shark headache for most of us. Ms Heba, the speaker of the session, stated that some of ELC have limited materials, or have to adapt or create our own. Providing opportunities for students to practice the language can also pose a challenge, especially if we have shy, taciturn, passive, introvert students or mix classes. It was very fruitful session for everyone to share challenges they faced in their classrooms and discussed the possible solutions.

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Monday, 12 February 2018 00:00 Written by  Kahlid Al Gharibi In ELC Tags
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