Road Safety Awareness to School Students as a part of Community Engagement Programme

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As a part of a community engagement programme, the Health and Safety Committee organized a Road Safety Programme for the students of Al-Ghalia Bent Nasser School, Ibri on 28 February 2018. The program started with an introduction by Mr Khalifa Al-Alawi, member of the Health and Safety Committee. He stressed the need of the topic keeping in view of the fatalities caused by the road accidents taking place in various parts of Sultanate of Oman.

The speaker, Dr K. Elangovan, HoS of the Engineering Department and coordinator of the Health and Safety Committee, presented about importance of road safety, the primary cause of accidents, various forces prevailing in different types of cars and role of speed causing accidents. The speaker equally stressed many facts to name a few - types of traffic accidents and collisions, collisions due to poor driving, qualities of good drivers, safety lists, etc. The speaker also showed some of the relevant videos which emphasis the importance of road safety procedures to avoid accidents. The presentation was well received by the participants with good interaction to clarify their doubts.

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