Road Traffic Accident Rescue Awareness

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Ibri College of Technology organised the seventh annual students gathering programme from 4 to 6 March 2018.  Students from all CoTs participated in the programme and shared their experience on social services and voluntary work. Competitions were conducted on social services and Oman traditional practices.
As a part of the programme, on 5 March 2018, Ministry of Civil Defence authorities exhibited the devices and equipment used during fire and flood emergencies and gave a presentation on the importance of road safety. In the presentation, they briefed about the primary cause of accidents, collisions due to poor driving, the qualities of good drivers and a safety list.  In the exhibition, safety awareness programme of the rescue of a victim of a car accident was demonstrated. 

Operating procedure of road traffic accident rescue:

  • Reaching the spot
  • Placing accident warning signs
  • Assessing the risk
  • Positioning of recovery equipment
  • Checking of hazards
  • Ensuring personal safety (Wearing the visible jacket)
  • Dealing with the casualty by casualty responders 
  • Transfer of the injured person (Ambulance)
  • Clear and leave the accident zone in safe condition for use

During the demonstration, the expert members of Civil Defence demonstrated the procedure of recovering people inside the vehicle by using different tools and devices like spreader, cutter and lifting equipment. They also demonstrated safety procedures to be followed while using hydraulic and compressed air tools during recovery. 
Students highly benefited from the presentation and demonstration.


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