Bloom Taxonomy workshop#3

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The Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department organised the third workshop on Bloom’s Taxonomy series on 10 July 2018. This activity-based workshop focused on “Creating and using Rubrics for Performance Assessment”.

Dr Elangovan, HoS (M&I), briefly revised the topics covered in the previous workshop. Then he elaborated about rubrics and their importance in grading and performance assessment. He also discussed different types of rubrics and their advantages.

Dr V. Sivananth, Lecturer (Engineering Department), presented the different stages in rubrics and listed the step-by-step procedure to create rubrics. Sample rubrics for both holistic and analytic types along with performance criteria were discussed during the presentation. 

After that, the faculty members were asked to form the group to perform the rubric creation activity for different courses. The presenter’s efforts were highly appreciated by the faculty members to complete the task on rubric creation. 


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Wednesday, 11 July 2018 00:00 Written by  Dr V. Sivananth In Engineering
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