Industrial Pipe Networking Design

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On Tuesday, 4 February 2020, at 12.15 to 1.15 pm, in the Fluid Mechanics Lab (B003), the Research and Consultancy Committee, Department of Engineering, conducted a workshop on Industrial Pipe Networking Design for the staff members of the Engineering Department. 

The resource speaker, Mr J. Arthur Davis Nicholas, briefly recapped the following areas: piping fundamentals, selection of piping material, inevitable issues on piping network, piping design factors, extension of piping network, and flow management – a permanent solution for piping network issues. The speaker demonstrated the possibility of eradicating water piping network issues through OFT software.  The function of pressure reducing and relieving valves was also demonstrated through the hydraulic bench facility, available in the Fluid Mechanics laboratory. 

The Speaker emphasised the possibility of incorporating the flow management system in the Ibri Potable Water Piping Network, which encounters numerous issues, and leads to precious water loss and shutdowns. The speaker concluded the workshop session, pointing out the wide open opportunities for research projects in the field of Water Pipe Networking system, through the Public Authority of Water (PAW), Ibri. 


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