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The Project Committee, in association with the Research Committee, conducted an orientation programme named, “Research Concepts and Structure of Research Proposal” on 06 February 2018 in Lab 2 in the Information Technology Department from 12:00 noon to 01:00 pm. The programme was well delivered by Dr Duhai Al Shukaili. It was attended by 30 Course Project students of all levels.

Dr. Duhai informed the audience about various local, regional and international research funding agencies and suggested students to apply for FURAP proposals. He initiated his talk explaining the research process telling about how to frame a research question, hypothesis, experiment etc. He gave tips on how to set a good title, which arrests the attention of the reader and continued with the importance of literature review, research significance, methodology and deliverables of the research project. The work plan for the project that can be made using a Gantt chart or a table was also explained to the students followed by adding references to the proposal according to some standards followed by ACM, IEE, APA etc.

In conclusion, he ended with advice saying the best way to learn to write a research proposal is to actually write a research proposal and motivated students to take up research. The average feedback from the participants of the program was 4.11. All the students expressed satisfaction and wished to initiate some work in research.

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