Latest Networking Technology Trends-Cisco

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The Research and Consultancy Committee of the IT Department organised a webinar on the security of the Internet of Things (IoT). The webinar was held on 1 June 2021, at 2 pm under the title “Latest Networking Technology Trends-Cisco”. It was delivered by Mr Osama Al Zoubi, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Cisco Middle East and Africa. The main objective of this session was to outline and highlight the current trends emerging in the computer network field. The session was intended to aid the participants to gain knowledge on the recent technologies and solutions delivered by Cisco.

Mr Osama revealed the top tech trends for 2021 and beyond with technologies that enable businesses to be more agile, resilient, and better prepared for unexpected challenges coming to the fore. He also added that in 2020, the arrival of future digital transformation occurred far faster than expected, and research from Cisco expects this trend to continue during 2021.

Mr Osama explained how Cisco is planning to deliver and scale innovative applications through six key trends 

Trend 1: Closing the digital divide

Trend 2: Driving experience (and safety) through sensors

Trend 3: Keys to the future: app-enabled agility and resilience

Trend 4: From customer experience to brand excitement

Trend 5: Identity and a password-less future

Trend 6: Consumption models for the tech you actually need

Mr Osama presented several research challenges in computer networks and cybersecurity fields emerged because of the pandemic. He also encouraged the staff and students to actively participate in the new Cisco developer’s platform, DivNet.

After an informative and well-structured presentation, the guest speaker has allotted some time for the questions and answers session. About 98 staff members and students attended the webinar, which lasted for onr hour and concluded at 3 pm. In the end, Dr Amal Al Abri, Head of the Information Technology Department, commended the efforts of the guest speaker and appreciated the initiative.


All participants appreciated the arrangements and efforts of the organizers to conduct such webinars and thanked the speaker for his wonderful presentation. The feedback was collected from the participants. On a scale of 5, the overall feedback was 4.65.

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