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On 15 November 2021, the Research and Consultancy Committee of the Information Technology Department organised a webinar on the new features and platform provided by IEEE Publications under the university’s subscription. The webinar was delivered by an invited speaker, Mr Ranbir Sedhey. Mr Ranbir is a client service consultant at IEEE Publications. 

The session started by briefing the attendees on the various services and activities carried out by the IEEE. Afterwards, the presenter demonstrated the numerous features available in the IEEE Xplore digital library. Moreover, he described and showcased some of the IEEEs’ new platforms, including Code Ocean, Dataport, Preprint and Authorcentre. Additionally, a brief overview of the provided benefits was given to the IEEE membership.

After an informative and well-structured presentation, the guest speaker allotted time for the questions and answers session. About 54 staff members and students attended the webinar, which lasted for one hour and concluded at 11:30 AM. The full video recording is available online via the following link:

The program received good feedback.


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