Student Induction Program

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The Information Technology Department, through the Academic Support committee conducted Student Induction Program on Wednesday 02/10/2019 in Lab A110.  

This Induction program is especially organized for the new post foundation students’ joined in Academic Year 2019-2020, Semester 1. The objective of this program is to give an idea on various specializations available in Colleges of Technology in the field of Information Technology. This program focus on various aspects such as CGPA, IELTS, requirements to move to higher levels, purpose of on-job training, advisor advisee meeting, warning letters in courses and student grievances.  Ms. Wardha Al Majrafi and Ms.Samia Al Yaqoobi (members of Academic Support Committee) provided information about each specialization and comparisons between Database and Software Engineering, Networking and Internet & E-Security.   

Mr.William (HoS-IT) emphasized the importance of Information Technology in Job sector. Dr.Pugalarasu(HoS-Math) also attend the program.

The Induction program received a good response from the students. In the end feedback was collected from the students. On the scale of 5, average feedback is 4.5.

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Tuesday, 08 October 2019 00:00 Written by  Ms. Saba Hasan In IT
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