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The IT Department, through the Student Service Committee, conducted an in-house competition on 22 /10 /2017 – 26/10/2017 for the students of Ibri College of Technology to test their abilities and skills in the field of Information Technology and Mathematics. IT Competitions:

The objectives of this competition were to enhance the knowledge of IT skills amongst the students and to encourage the students to participate in technical competitions. The competition started with registrations on the college web site. There were five contests in the competition (web design, database, programming languages, and networking). In programming, the student used languages such as C++ and Java to write code for some problems and get the output. In the database design they used SQL language to create tables and modify them and insert data. In web design the students use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, to design web pages and know how create a web site. In networking they solved questions about routers and switches, how to connect Ethernet cables and how they can connect them in a network.

The competition was very helpful for students to test their abilities and skills in these IT fields.

Math Competition – “MATH TALENT HUNT”

The purpose of the competition was to test the general IQ of the students in Mathematics and to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts. The Math Talent Hunt was designed to enable our students to think critically and analyse a problem by applying the knowledge to develop themselves and to make our students professionally competent and to improve their aptitude skills.

The questions were designed to test the knowledge and understanding of our students in the areas of general mathematics skills. The examination provided an opportunity to apply the concepts of Mathematics taught at different levels to solve problems, which not only range from easy to difficult but also cover a wide range of applications.

More than 95 students from different departments of our college registered for the contest. Ms. Maimouna Abdullah Al Ghafri, a student of the IT Department, won the first prize, Master Said Hilal Said Al Rubkhi, a student of Engineering Department, won the 2nd prize and Ms.Hajar Hamed Said Al Bahri, also a student of the Engineering Department, won the 3rd prize in the Maths Contest

Feedback from students was taken at the end of the event. The overall result of the competition was very good.

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